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watch straps

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New Brown Leather strap

Product no.: 820

Brown Leather strap with clasp

19.50 *
recommended retail price 29.00 €
In stock

Ingersoll stainless steel band for Dream

Product no.: 540

Ingersoll Stainless Stell strap

Ingersoll Dream

20mm strap attachment

59.50 *
Not in stock, but can be ordered within a few days, please enquire

New Leather strap with Butterfly clasp

Product no.: 317

Leather strap with Butterfly clasp

Three different colours


13.00 *
In stock

Leather Strap for sports watches

Product no.: 702

Leather strap for sports watches

strong Leather

in brown in black

19.50 *
recommended retail price 29.50 €
In stock

Tool for changing Leather straps

Product no.: 766

Tool for changing the strap

4.90 *
In stock

Vollmer Stainless Steel strap with butterfly clasp

Product no.: 694

Vollmer Stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp

35.00 *
recommended retail price 42.00 €
In stock

New Leather strap Barington Louisiana Print

Product no.: 530

Eulit Leather strap kroko look

from 18.50 *
recommended retail price 19.90 €
In stock

New Leather strap original Shark

Product no.: 531

Eulit Leather strap Shark Original

from 35.00 *
recommended retail price 39.00 €
In stock

Watch Tool set

Product no.: 474

Watch Tool Set

28.80 *
In stock

New Leather strap Barington Water Buffalo

Product no.: 445

Eulit Leather strap Original water buffalo

22.00 *
recommended retail price 26.50 €
In stock

New 123

Product no.: 123
9.90 *
recommended retail price 19.90 €
In stock
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